June 16, 2007

Full Sets Jewellery Kod F 03

Posted in Full Sets at 9:36 pm by nazhasecret


Asfour Diamond Crystal Pbo 30%

Earings + Necklace + Ring + Bracelet

~SOLD to Mr Jembal~ RM 100 normal price RM160

f03.jpg KOD F 03 fs03.jpg

Size :-
Ring/Cincin: 6 cm bole adjust sehingga 8 cm
Panjang Earings/Subang: 3 cm
Panjang Bracelet/Gelang: 20 cm
Panjang Necklace/Rantai: 45 cm termasuk extended chain



  1. jembal said,

    Sekali pandang terus tertawan…
    Aku nak booking utk yang tersayang…

  2. nazhasecret said,

    hi mr jembal…utk wife tercinta ke?auww..besh nye.noted.my first customer ni..hehe.tq ok

  3. nazhasecret said,

    ok dh di pos laju tau..hopefully smpai tepat pd masa nye..sy jual ye

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